2021 Decorative Flooring Trends To Tie the Room Together

February 2, 2021

As we lift off into the new year, updating your building's flooring might be just the spark you need to pick up some momentum and get back in the groove. You might be feeling overwhelmed by the options here in Hurricane, Utah so here is our Red Rock Flooring guide to 2021's trendiest floors, covering all four of the classic floor "looks":


Looks and Themes

Natural looks have seen a rise in popularity recently, with wood-look and stone-look at the top of the list. Alternatively, marble-look makes any room feel classy and clean, while decorative options like tiles or patterned vinyl offer an individual touch with infinite room for creativity.

Materials and Types

Carpeting is as popular an option as always, and our hard flooring surfaces such as vinyl, tile, and laminate floors are trending as well. Carpets offer plush comfort and a homey feel, while the versatile hard surfaces are easy to keep clean and almost infinitely variable in appearance.

Color Palettes

Different color themes are suited to different environments and building styles, but 2021's hottest trends are cool tones like blue, green, and light purple. Neutrals like white, gray, and blonde palettes are also popular as are high-contrast color pairs like black and white or other dark and light shades in tiling or patterned flooring.

Textures and Patterns

For hard surfaces, we at Red Rock Flooring recommend a more natural look, such as the personal touch of a hand-scraped finish, the authentic feel of distressed surfaces, and the sleek and modern wire-brushed texture. As for carpeting, multicolored geometric patterns and monochrome swirling textures are all the rage and are surefire ways to update the option for a more chic look.

Feeling overwhelmed by all the choices? Just pop on over to our Utah Flooring Company, Red Rock Flooring for a one-on-one consultation and some expert help in bringing your vision to life.

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