3 Things to Consider When Choosing Flooring

If you've chosen a professional like Red Rock Flooring to install your new floors, you're probably wondering which flooring options are best for you. There are a few points to consider when picking out a new floor for your home.

1. Budget
Everyone knows a budget is the most important (and most arduous) part of any project. However, building one is essential to getting the job done; it's frustrating and time-consuming to get halfway through a project only to find that you have to skimp on the parts that you really wanted. To start building your budget, break down your project into simple tasks and milestones. Estimate what each of these tasks costs, and be sure to consider contingencies as well as taxes.

2. Household Members
If you have kids or pets, your flooring needs should be planned around this. Depending on the pet, a certain grade of resistance is required for your floor. Ceramic or porcelain is a great option, and plank vinyl is great if you want that hardwood look. For kids, certain kinds of carpet work depending on how messy your little ones might be. However, here, too, harder floors are usually the better option. If you want a bit of softness in your home even with harder floors, consider buying a throw rug to keep things feeling cozy.

3. Environment
This is a factor that many people fail to consider. Your needs differ depending on the weather and climate conditions of your environment. For instance, high-moisture areas often require ceramic or vinyl tile as thinner floors warp as they absorb water from the air. In hotter climates, you might still prefer a tiled floor. Tile and ceramic floors absorb coolness from the air and retain it longer.

The Utah Flooring Company, Redrock, is ready to help you budget and plan all your flooring needs.

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