3 Tips for Removing Carpet From Your House Safely and Efficiently

If you're planning on removing any carpet in your Utah home, you may be concerned about the process. After all, it can be time-consuming and even dangerous. Fortunately, there are ways to make your removal experience more pleasant. If you're interested, here are three tips for removing carpet from your house safely and efficiently.

1. Use Protective Gear
When it comes to staying safe while completing any home project, protective gear is critical. Since you'll be dealing with sharp tools, heavy materials and difficult work, you need to be sure that your body is shielded from anything harmful. Here's some gear that carpet removal calls for:

Knee pads
Dust masks

While a dust mask isn't necessary, you will want to wear one if dust negatively affects you.

2. Make Gradual Cuts

Once you've separated your carpet from the tack strips, you'll need to start pulling it up. This can be very difficult, so you'll want to cut off pieces as you go. Once you get about three feet of carpet up, cut the detached portion off and roll it up. Doing so allows you to pull more up without dealing with any added bulk. It also makes removing carpet with a knife far less dangerous.

3. Examine the Tack Strips

In order to make the entire process more efficient, you may want to examine your tack strips after the carpet is removed. Before your flooring and remodeling service arrives, make sure each strip looks usable. If one or more appear rusted or damaged at all, removal is likely necessary. However, this only applies if you're installing a new carpet. If you're getting a different type of flooring, the tack strips will need to come out regardless.

Removing carpet from your home is no simple task, but it'll be easier if you have a thorough plan. Stay safe and be prepared.

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