3 Ways To Remove Stubborn Stains

Unsightly stains can easily ruin an outfit or the aesthetic of your St. George, Utah, home. Instead of throwing away your favorite shirt or rearranging your furniture to hide carpet stains, use some DIY methods to get the spots out. Here are three ways to remove stubborn stains.

1. Flooring Stains
Whether you have kids, pets or hold gatherings at your home, you'll eventually find yourself fighting tough stains on your carpet. To effectively remove the stain, blot up as much of the liquid as possible with a clean towel. After that, pour on a large amount of your favorite stain removal solution and cover it with a new, clean towel. Fill an iron with water and turn it to a low setting with the steam turned on. Then, place the iron on the towel and let it steam for at least twenty minutes. Finally, remove the towel and clean the stain with warm water. If the stain persists, contact a professional flooring company for help.

2. Ink Removal
Ink is notoriously tricky to get out of fabrics. However, stain removal is no problem when using the correct methods and tools. Lay your ink-stained item on a clean towel and cover the stain liberally with uncolored hand sanitizer. Using an old toothbrush, scrub the stain for a minute or two and work the sanitizer into the fabric. Then, toss your belonging into the washing machine and wash like normal.

3. Grass Smudges
Grass stain removal can be tricky, but a grass stain doesn't automatically mean the demise of your clothing. Before treating the stain, soak the fabric in cold water and scrub the area well with a firm brush and some detergent. Rinse it well, and then scrub the spot with vinegar. Once most of the color has been removed, wash the garment like usual.

Stains are, unfortunately, a natural part of life. However, with a little bit of determination and elbow grease, you can easily restore your belongings to look new.

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