Busting Common Myths About Floor Materials

Finding the right flooring for your St. George, UT, home can quickly turn overwhelming, even with the help of trusted floor remodel specialists. There are several misconceptions about certain materials, however, which not everyone is aware of. Here are some of the most common myths about various options.

1. Laminate Floor Myth: They Damage Easily and Must Be Replaced
Laminate floors often get a bad rap given their affordable cost, as most associate a cheaper material with lower quality. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. You can get the look of wood floors with a laminate that not only won't break the bank but proves durable given it's constructed of four sturdy layers. A stain on your laminate floor can also be spot treated instead of being replaced entirely, as many also believe.

2. Vinyl Floor Myth: They Can Only Be Used in Small, Dry Spaces
Made of several layers topped with a printed image, vinyl floors are a popular option to resemble the look of wood, stone and other natural materials. There is a belief that this material is best suited for small, dry spaces but the fact is, vinyl floors feature a protective seal that can be used in large areas with higher humidity.

3. Wood Floor Myth: It Is Difficult To Maintain
Hardwood floors are a favorite among many, but carry the misconception that they are hard to maintain. In reality, wood floors require basic maintenance like routine sweeping and deep cleanings about twice a year. One of the biggest threats to the state of the wood is water, so be sure to not let a wet spot sit for too long. Other than that, there is little reason to fret about maintenance.

Rest assured that whatever material you select for your home, these myths about laminate, vinyl and wood floors are just that.

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