Heated Flooring: A Marvel of Home Renovation

Of all the home renovations available, heated flooring is one of the most tempting. Stepping on one is delightful when getting out of bed, stumbling into the bathroom or entering the kitchen on cold mornings. Here are a few things worth knowing about this toe-warming miracle.

Benefits of Heated Floors
Heated floors make a cozy addition to any residence. They are: Maintenance-free, Easy to install, Silent, Energy efficient, Hypoallergenic

As if these benefits weren't enough, they also increase your home's resale value.

Installation of Heated Floors

You have two choices for keeping bare piggies toasty. Electric systems attach to sub-flooring and heat tiles with coils. Hydronically heated flooring circulates warm water through plumbing. The latter makes a better choice for homes that are being newly constructed, as floors need to be raised higher than with electric systems. Avoid radiant air floors, which hold less heat and are therefore used primarily in commercial buildings.

Installation begins with the removal of everything from the room being renovated, including existing tiles or floorboards. A layer of insulation is then placed down along with rebar for stability. The heating system is attached and a slab of concrete layered on top. Finally, your new floor tiles are secured in place.

Radiant floor heating is controlled by a thermostat and takes approximately 30 minutes to reach the desired temperature. Cost is dependent upon the size of your bathroom, the brand selected and flooring style. Expect to pay between $10 and $20 per square foot. The cost of labor is commensurate with the professionalism of the heated floor installers you hire. Specialized calculators can help determine how much regular usage will cost.

Heated flooring is a luxury that every homeowner can enjoy. No matter which type you choose, have yours constructed by a flooring expert that is able to get the job done with minimal fuss."

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