Tile Removal That Is Dustless

Tiles and other flooring materials produce silica dust when they are sanded, grinded or cut. This silica dust contains small particles that are very difficult to clean once they become airborne and then settle onto surfaces. To eliminate the risk of silica dust when you are ready to remove the tile flooring in your home in [City, State], you must find a patented dust free tile removal system.

How Does a Dust Free System Work?
Many companies promise an almost dust free system, but a true silica-free process must be patented. You need to look for a process that utilizes specialized equipment and custom-made tools, including:

HEPA Vacuums – These specialized vacuums trap 99.97% of particles on surfaces all the way down to 0.3 microns, which are so small they aren’t visible to the naked eye.
Dust-capturing Process – A patented process must be developed to ensure that all the dust is captured inside the vacuums so that none escapes into the air.
Custom Tools – For a dust free tile removal system to work, custom tools must be designed and built.

Why Do You Need a Dust Free System?
Most removal systems vacuum up the visible dust, but tiny particles can still infiltrate your walls, drapes, furniture and ceiling. The dust can even work its way into your ductwork. Then when you run the air conditioning unit, it stirs up the dust and distributes it onto surfaces all around your home

What Types of Flooring Can Be Removed Using This System?
The dust free system works on many flooring types. Surfaces made of concrete, brick, stone, mortar and sand can all be safely removed using a patented removal system.

When you are ready to have your flooring removed, search for a patented dust free tile removal company in your area. You will have a much easier time cleaning surfaces and keeping them clean.

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