Why Us?

Red Rock Flooring is one of the premiere flooring and remodeling services in the Southern Utah and Mesquite NV. Mistakes are costly and we only use experienced teams of certified professionals to finish projects on-time and error-free. Our installers coordinate with our support staff to make sure each job is done right and won’t rest until the job’s done. We can work with your builder, insurance company, and contractor if necessary.

A percentage of the profits of Red Rock goes to wounded veterans in our community. When you shop at a locally owned business, 45 cents of every dollar stays in Utah – versus only 13 cents of every dollar spent at a national chain! Thank you for putting your money where your house is! Our local economy thanks you too! We love what we do and we want to make your flooring experience memorable.

Red rock flooring has everything from your more basic, cost efficient products as well as your high end premium grade materials. We love what we do and we love working with the public each day to make their flooring dreams a reality.

Areas we Service

Payment Options

We accept cash, check & credit card. The credit card option has a 3% fee that is passed down by the credit card company itself.


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